Application Programming Interface

In order to start using our API, you need to register and get a secret key.
Run the request in the browser using the received secret key:


We provide two formats for providing data: json and xml. By default the information is displayed in json format.

You can also transfer a token through the X-Api-Key header. This can be useful if you do not want to show the token in the used query.

Response example:

    "success": true,
    "query": 353055091379880,
    "data": {
        "tac": 35305509,
        "serial": 137988,
        "controlNumber": 0,
        "name": "Apple iPhone X (A1865)",
        "brand": "Apple",
        "model": "iPhone X (A1865)",
        "manufacturer": "Apple Inc",
        "frequency": [
            "LTE FDD BAND 1",
            "LTE FDD BAND 2",
            "LTE FDD BAND 25",
            "LTE FDD BAND "

That's all! Can be used.

Balance tracking

For the smooth operation of the service, you need to replenish the balance on time, and to simplify the balance control, use the method:



    "balance": 100.26,
    "currency": "USD"

Help us to improve our API

Today we already have one of the largest databases of TAC numbers. And we do not want to stop there.

As you may have noticed, as a result of the execution of the request, a situation may arise when several models return to the models field. The fact is that today one TAC can be registered by the manufacturer for several models of devices.

ImeiDB AI is a way to separate and more accurately identify such devices. But in order for AI to work, we need your support. If you are interested in resolving this problem, please contact me.

All you need to do is pass on the option that the user selects using the query:

Error processing

If invalid data is transferred or numbers do not exist in our database, you will get an error. Example:

    "success": false,
    "message": "Your request was made with invalid credentials.",
    "code": 401
401 Your request was made with invalid credentials.
402 Out of money, please top up your balance.
429 Rate limit exceeded. Requests per minute exceeded.
460 Invalid IMEI IMEI must pass the Luhn algorithm check.