Offline TAC Database

Buy a full base and use where you need it

Offline IMEIDB TAC Database - This is the result of the work of our team to make your applications even faster! Decoding IMEI codes now does not take much time and does not make customers wait. Our database containing 8 fields and more than 214,651 unique Type Allocation Code (TAC) codes. The following fields are supported in the database:

  1. tac - Type Allocation Code (first 8 chars of IMEI)
  2. name - Name of device
  3. brand - Brand name
  4. model - Model name
  5. type - Device type (You can find a list of all possible types on the API page.)
  6. frequency - List of available frequencies
  7. manufacturer - Name of the manufacturer company
  8. device_id - Device ID from our database of mobile devices
  9. created_at - Record creation time

We provide a database as a file in JSON format.
If you want to see an sample please click here.


Today you can purchase a database at a reduced price - $ 1,500 (Before $ 1,800)


If you already have our database, you can receive database updates.
The update is paid - $50 + $0.05 for each new TAC number in our database.

How to buy or update?

To buy the database, please use this link. The database will be sent within 1 business day to the email address specified during the purchase.

If you have any questions please use the contact us form or write to