​Now we have news!

From the very beginning of the project, we did not have the opportunity to talk about new features in the user’s office and API. Now we have news and we are happy to share innovations.

1. Ability to set limits in your account

We added this option due to a small incident that occurred a few days after the launch of our service. One of our users was faced with the problem of abuse of transcripts using his resource and asked us to add this option.

Now each user can edit or set limits for performing IMEI-number decryption in the Settings section.

2. Receiving balance using API

We have added a method that will allow you to get the current balance of your account. To view more details go to the API section.

What next you ask? And then more...

Already we are working on developing new features and in the near future we can expect to see the history of decryptions and check IMEI in blacklists